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We are an Initiative, launched in Istanbul in 2015 by initiators from Syria and Switzerland to promote the work of young artists from the Middle East.

The Middle East is currently experiencing some of the deepest social changes in recent history. Often, most of the world’s attention is focused on the instability and destruction these changes produce, and ignoring the beauty and the rich experiences these changes generate inside societies structures and individuals.

Art has always been a mean to sense the deep desires and concerns of individuals. Inside communities experiencing social turmoil, artist inquiries and questions intensifies to detect their real desire and express it. Through its unconventional form and provocative content, Art is a medium to reveal the unspeakable, that which has not or cannot yet be said. It is a means of expression through which each artist, through his or her own life trajectory, experiences, and work, is a witness to and an actor on those changes.

A lot of talented young artists who live between Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, interact with these events and changes happening in their societies through their work, which might be one of the most powerful testimonies to those changes and a precursor to a new culture emerging and reinventing itself in time. But because of complicated political or personal situations, they often lack good connections or freedom of movement to spread their work and reach wider spectrum of the public.

Therefore our project is to collect and show the work of these talented artists around, thus sharing their unique perspective and their way of understanding the world through art.