Afaf Younes was born in Latakia, Syria, in 1989. She graduated from Damascus university fine art department in 2011. In 2013 She moved to Beirut where she had her first solo exhibition. After that, Instead of going back to Damascus she decided to come to Istanbul, to take the chance to express herself in a new environment. She lives now back in Latakia by her family

In her current paintings, Afaf Younes explores familiar household objects, a chair, some glasses gathered on a table, scenes of cozy places where we should feel comfortable. Yet this armchair seems alone, those glasses are waiting for someone to seize them and fill them with drinks that might not come. In her colourful or black and white still life, Afaf makes us feel the need for a safe haven which now lacks for so many, she impregnates us with the nostalgia of a fading world, for ever gone in the craziness of our time.